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» Naruto: Shinobi Genesis, What happens when all goes to plan?
 Posted: May 22 2016, 04:37 AM
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We've seen what happens when Kaguya Ōtsutsuki ate the fruit; the canon story line. We all know what will happen when another grabs power for themselves either eating the fruit or capturing a tailed beast; an alternate story line. But what happens when all goes to plan? This my friends is the tale of just that; Naruto Shinobi Genesis.

It all starts with a visit from two of the Ōtsutsuki, coming to the planet and explaining to its inhabitance that if they left this god tree alone and behaved they would be rewarded greatly. That if done, the tree would grow its fruit and if the fruit was left alone it would decompose into the planet and everyone would become like the gods and be gifted with unusual powers. This mysterious gods remained upon the land and watched over the tree alongside his sister. It as then that they mated with the people of the planet and thus the birth of kekkei genkai was created. Rare genetic code that passed down from their children.

His sister had two boys who in turn had children themselves; all of which who went around teaching the way to utilize these powers as the gods and their original children seemed to disappear. As soon as they were here they were gone; perhaps moving on to the next planet to help them. However once they left the god tree died and reverted back into the planet becoming absorbed. Legend tells that in 1000 years it will have bloomed again and produced another fruit. However, as it stands its death has resulted in many a demon being born; monstrous beings far beyond the normal capabilities

Thankfully, the gods gave birth to children who in turn had children and gave many powers beyond that of normal humans. Not to mention those normal humans were also taught to use the gift of chakra to fight off the beasts. As we continue on through history over the next several hundred years they wage war and fight these demons til there are few left. The blood lines are diluted and the teachings lost; compared to their ancestors man has become weak.

But they've adapted and as such we begin our tale at the year 250 A.S. Over 200 years After the Shinju died and created these demons; which now are few in numbers. We have man in their current state. The first formations of the hidden villages were established no more than a decade ago and they've begun expanding into large nations, engulfing smaller ones around them.

However, not everyone is happy and as such the birth of 日食- Nisshoku: Eclipse is born. An organization aimed at over throwing the governments and powers established to make a new world order through force; simply put they are terrorists of this world. As such their formation is new and slowly growing; it's almost hard to tell who is and isn't a part of the movement.

A slight bit of paranoia has set in and many are questioning who is friendly and a certain amount of distrust has risen.With all this going on, the only question on the minds of the gods who had helped craft this world and are silently watching is. How does man inevitably screw themselves over?
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