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» Immersion, How it works and why?
 Posted: May 22 2016, 07:22 PM
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Simply put. If you do it, it has to make sense;put your money where your mouth is. So mention buying the items at some point; after using the shop. Also to avoid any confusion; if you are retrieving your gear used like kunai do so in the post when appropriate but know doing so often will result in weaker effect, so it's best to just replace them unless special; then you may wish to repair them.

All consumables must be used at the end of the thread and be confirmed by staff first. This helps from using ghost items and over doing it as well as making sure no one is cheating the system. If it isn't listed here doesn't mean it isn't a thing; it jut might have been overlooked. Remember you can ask for things in the request thread. Any and all trades among yourselves must be done through the donate or trade option and please do not try to cheat each other if it's against your character's personality.

Eating or drinking food: You got to pay for it right? Either at a restaurant or stand of some sorts; these can be found in the shop. This only applies to story line actions of eating or mentioning of having eaten. Alternatively, if a restaurant or stand isn't nearby you can eat or use consumables purchased at the consumable shop. However, please understand we don't expect you to pay for off screen eating for every day; that would be silly. We merely want you to pay for what you mention as to make sense.

Generosity: If your character is a character of big heart you will be expected to put your money where your mouth is. If you wish to buy your allies food or a gift or whatever. To do so you must buy the item(s) in question then gift them to the intended player. If you are simply paying another for a service or gifting cash please note that you must donate it. There is no loan system here that we can keep track of so it's up to you and you may lose it. However if proof exists we will do our best to resolve the issue.

Rent : Consider everyone on a fixed income and rent is automatically deducted from your pay as a ninja. However, this doesn't mean you can't buy flavor stuff for your homes and what not; this can be done with the miscellaneous shop .

Owning a place : Have you earned enough coin for a subtopic in a thread; a compound or an organization base; Good. But it's empty aside from the standard furniture. Fill it with whatever you want extra know it will cost you various amounts agreed upon by staff and the users.

Gear and Weapons: You either buy these, have them made or make them yourselves with appropriate skills. These items may vary but will be available to either you or all base on what they are and do.

Bribery : If you use this method to get past folks or issues then you must inform an admin who will remove the ryo from your amount at the end of the thread.

Thievery: We allow thievery here as in you may steal from anyone on the site, but you need to pay for it; as it is an item. There are various attempts for stealing such as petty, average, large and grand. All of which vary on the maximum you can steal from your target. So we encourage folks to keep their money in the bank and earn interest. If you are robbed post up a thread about it and your robber may be included to respond for a chance to earn more money and experience.

Banking: This is where folks can keep their money if they are afraid to get robbed. Here it is nearly impossible to have your money stolen except in cases of Staff pulling off bank heists on your characters to start a plot worthwhile. While in the bank you earn interest per day.

Shady Deals: Most of these can be found in the black market or made with other characters for items or things at cheaper prices than the shop offers or is available. this may be something like a fake medicine they got from a reward and are trying to sell to someone or a legit item and they don't want it. Buyer Beware!

Surgery and being patched up: Adding Kekkei Genkai, implanting items. All take skills and talent. If you don't happen to be a mad scientist or a shady doctor working on the streets. You will most likely pay a large portion of your cash on fixing yourself up. Our advice is, get a friend who can do this or learn yourself otherwise your bills will be high. I bet you wish you didn't treat your team medic like crap now huh?

Business: Outside of the usual aspect, anyone can train or teach anyone for a fixed price but be careful. Not only do you need the slot open to learn the skills but you also need to trust the person. Once a thread is complete transactions must be made; if someone cheats you. There is always the option of a death fight to get your justice; some lessons are hard learned.
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