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» Shimagakure No Sato, The Village Hidden in the Island
 Posted: May 27 2016, 03:22 PM
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Daimyo residence: Located in Shimagakure, the residence is located in one of the smaller sectors of the island near the sea; two bridges lead to the sector itself but it is located towards the back of the area, behind the academy.

Kage Office: Located in a small building beside the daimyo's residence. The kage's office is small but the place of many important meetings for the elders of the islands that they protect.

Academy: Located towards the center of this sector of the islands it has as a statue, of the moon goddess rumored to protect it. They students here are taught how to manipulate and use their elemental affinity at a young age; the most common being water, followed by either fire or lightning.

Hospital: Located on a ridge near this sectors far. It has surprisingly decent surgical equipment and a plethora of tonics and medicines crafted from the plant life. The hospital is small, but the way the village is broken up into sectors makes it perfect this way.

Training Grounds: Located in or around the forest which surrounds this sector one can find various training grounds throughout the island.

Shinobi Quarters: Located in three separate buildings around the academy based on the rank of a shinobi one can find various members in each.

Citizen Housing: Located all on the island but few in this sector, they are usually straw looking huts, a few reside near the market area in this sector.

Prison location: There is one island off the coast of this village that is reserved for law breakers and criminals it's surrounded by sharks and the island itself has many dangerous animals such as tigers and snakes. However, those on this island are rumored to serve out their time in a small cell built to be exceedingly hot and get minimal food and water.

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