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» The Races, A general idea of what we mean.
 Posted: May 25 2016, 03:43 AM
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Demons although normally considered evil, come in all shapes and sizes. They also vary in power and their alignment. Some are good or walk a fine line between the two. However, one thing is constant with demons. They are born of one of the five elements and that is it. Unlike humans who can harness multiple they can only use one. But in return their blood allows for a natural use of Senjutsu which allows for a constant regenerative source of chakra. However, as stated some of the less evil demons had manage to utilize the transformation technique enough to hide from being persecuted and live lives with humans; breeding and intertwining into society with them.

Of course because of this, most of their off spring take on rather grotesque or demonic forms like their half parents and at birth the cover is usually blown, but by that point they are either gone or their lovers accept them and they form their own smaller close nit communities. Those who are born of the demon blood are usually shunned by society and forced to conceal their true form by constantly using the transformation jutsu. They also have the ability to use the perfected senjutsu form with less efforts then normal humans as it comes natural for demons. However they still retain the elemental weakness and can only learn one element from each parent; 2 max.

However thanks to their demonic genetics any other genetic rarity in their blood is lost. Yet there are specific breeds of demons who share similar genetics like ice release among yuki onna. These demons are capable of using just the specified element and not the two that make it up. Either way these races have done their best to keep a secret and as such have created their own hidden village Densetsugakure no sato. Located far off on the north eastern most part of the continent in the mountainy area. They use the powers of their leader; Yuki Onna. To keep most outsiders away, but also have some rare genetics within the village from the humans. That have Ice release and crystal release. The latter being their main source of trade for supplies needed to live their secluded life.

Unique race appearance.
Permanate sage mode.

1 elements from each parent.
No kg's due to demon blood.

Humans vary in aligment and can be just about anywhere. They don't have any particular skills but can learn any of the elements and various skills that most can not. They are also able to tap into several other areas like sage mode and absorb chakra. They can mimic almost anything with enough practice but due to this they are limited by their age and often have difficulty mastering things; thus it takes time. However, due to their ability to adapt they are the believed top of the food chain and as such have become the dominate race on the planet for now.

Can learn all elements with time.
Can adapt and take in unique genetic abilities.
Can create hybris with most races.

Take a long time to master things compared to other races.
Shorter life span in comparison to other races.

Descendents of the gods are another hybrid race with humans whom have the ability to use their rare genetic make up in their dna to combine elements or utlize odd abilities otherwise human can't. They also are highly respecte or feared out of their rlations to the gods and abilities. Basically anyone who has a kekkei genkai is said ot be a descendent of teh gods. Altough even among themselves they vary and come in various strengths and abiliites.

Among this races there are approximately 6 pure lines four of which we know to be Hyuga, Uchiha, Kaguya and Senju. The last two are more or less rumored to exist but no one truly knows a it han't been revealed or they keep their secrects very well. However outside of these scope these clans , theyconsider anyone else of diluted blood.

Have unique abilities thanks to genetics
Can master things quicker then most.

They've only been shown to breed with humans or other descenents.
They are not as common as other races.
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