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» Gesshokugakure, Village Details
 Posted: May 24 2016, 06:48 PM
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Daimyo residence: The Daimyo'sresidence is located in the center of town sourounded by giant walls and guards. The residence is home to the majority of the royal Senjut/Uchiha clan. While the remaining are scattered through out the city.

Kage Office: The kage's office is located directly behind the Daimyo's residence and one of the larger buildings in the area; it's home to the mission's office and message delivery. It is also the only other location in the village that requires a prior arrangement to enter.

Academy: Located on the western part of the village; it's one of the largest area's in the village and also holds the Jonin station so that any emergencies or aid for demonstration and assitance can be made with ease. All Jonin of this village must at some point assist in the training of an academy student or genin to hold their position; yearly.

Hospital: Located in the eastern part of the village; not far from the god shrine there is the vilage's hospital where it takes medical students; genin and up. Thus trains them during thier time at home to further expand on their knowledge. The hospital itself is surrounded by many flowers and plants, as such it's considered a Botany school as well. Many herbologists from the country stuy here.

Training Grounds: Several training grounds exists outside the crator and behind the wall; however two exist in the village. One is in the circle around the Daiymo's palace and often used for group excersise while th other is at the acedemy and restricted to helping teach and train students.

Shinobi Quarters: Anywhere on the western side of the village you can find shinobi quarters.

Citizen Housing: On the eastern side of the village you find the shopping districts and citizen housing.

Prison location: Although the land and village has no official prison; one is rumored to exist somewhere hidden to general public knowledge and is used to torture and kill those who commit crimes against the great nation. However, nothing has been confirmed on it's whereabouts let alone if it truly exists.

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