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» Sunaarashigakure No Sato, The Village Hidden in the Sandstorms
 Posted: Jun 5 2016, 12:54 AM
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Daimyo residence: is located in the top section of the pyramid, only a select few are granted access. The Daimyos section is also protected by multiple barriers.

Kage Office: is located just below the Daimyos residence, the kage is given an entire floor. The Kage chose this location so he could defend the Daimyos at times of war.

Academy: Is located below the Kage office and hospital on the left side.

Hospital: The hospital is located just below the Kage mansion taking up two floors.

Training Grounds: Located below the hospital they take up 2 floors which have multiple rooms in each and are designed with special seals that allow it to become different types of environments. (Ex: a seal on the wall with a seal on the floor can allow for a current of water to mimic a water fall, the entire floor has a seal that can change the environment to grasslands, forest, beach ext) The training grounds are all sealed off with barriers, only special jonin and higher are capable of undoing the seals to enter there are however special cases (ex: chunins given command of new teams are given the jutsu to access them so the teams can get in sync.)

Shinobi Quarters: Located above the citizen housing also has various ninja specific shops.

Citizen Housing: located on the third floor above two floors of mazes it also has various merchant shops, restaurants, inns and the like.

Prison location: in one of the few rocky terrains in the desert the prison is located inside a massive stone mountain. The only entrance is protected by multiple barriers as well as a unit of Giant Devil Scorpions

Village Symbol
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