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» Training session in the bitter cold, Shikage begins his training.
Suterusugami, Shikage
 Posted: Jun 7 2016, 10:30 AM
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両 5100 Ryō

Suterusugami, Shikage
Of Densetsugakure

A village covered in a blanket of pure white snow. White deep snow as far as the horizon stretched. Bitter cold winds were frequent and the temperatures remained relatively low making it quite uncomfortable for those used to much warmer climates. Shikage, on the other hand, enjoyed the fine cool chill that seemed ever present around him. To the young fresh genin, it made for a quite pleasant day to go out and do some training.

He was always a bit of an over achiever, always training and trying to hone his skills. It was all in his upbringing as his clan set very strict standards for the boy. He also had his own sense of strong pride as a demon hybrid. He always had to get stronger, had to improve himself as much as he could. To push the limits of his own abilities was what he always seemed to strive for. There usually was not much else to do in this land anyway.

The training grounds seemed fairly empty today, so far it was just Shikage and the thick layer of white snow stretched out before him. Such desirable conditions were met with a very small smile from Shikage. Few things made him smile, but being lefdt alone to his training was one of those few things.

Shikage wasted no time in beginning his training regime for the day. He started off by giving himself a warmup and doing a few stretches to warm up his blood and get his body moving. Well trained shinobi normally wouldn't have to do this but he was still fresh out of the academy and not very experienced. He spent only a few minutews on the stretches, stretching out his arms and legs and doing a few jumping jacks as well. He then jogged in place for a bit, did quite a number of push ups and sit ups, then finished with leg lifts. It was a daily routine for him, sometimes performed more than once per day. It not only made for a great warm up but kept his body fit and toned for his taijutsu as well.

He then focused himself now ready to begin the actual training regime he had planned for the day. He began striking the training posts with basic taijutsu. Hit after hit maintaining speed and accuracy as best he could. He made strike after strike keeping up his combination strikes for as long as his body was able.

An hour would seem to pass and he had slowed down significantly as his body was fatigued and tired from all of the constant exertion but he knew he had to keep training if he wanted to get stronger. Though he was moving far slower he still made sure to keep moving. He pushed himself to the point he was in quite a bit of pain but his pride was far greater keeping him going for he had a goal to accomplish. With each punch and each kick his body wanted to give in but his mind would force just one more hit each time until he could take no more of the pain. He sat down where he had stood finally, too exhausted to make another move. He was quite angry with himself, disappointed that he could do no better and go no further. He would soon have to try again but for now he would move to the next bit of his training for the day.

He stood up, though just a bit wobbly and shaky from the fatigue of his earlier training. He then walked to the training post and sat atop it crossed legged making a single basic handsign to focus his chakra. He had formed the ram handsign, one of the most basic common handsigns usually used for chakra meditation and focusing. He closed his eyes and focused hard on his chakra. He was now in a state of serene and calm meditation where he could focus and build upon his chakra which was very important for those of his clan for the chakra nature they were known for was not an easy one to master. He was told to always improve his chakra capabilities and build upon the natural strength bestowed upon those bearing demon blood.

He continued to focus for two hours having been well trained in meditation by those of his clan as it was a sort of emphasis pressed upon him. The sounds of the howling winds and occasional voice far off in the distance were all too present as he sat in complete silence and stillness. Before long his body had grown numb from head to toe with only the feeling of flowing chakra within him, it was the point that meditation became rather hard even for him. He continued on for as long as he could bare the strange sensation but alas he finally had to cease his meditation and step down to the ground nearly falling from not being able to feel his legs.

He then performed his stretch routine yet again in order to awaken his body from the numbness he had felt. It did seem to work to wake up his senses and nerves but his exhausted body did not quite like the physical exertion from the task after having been exhausted from the taijutsu training long before. It seemed he was done for the day, unable to go on any further at this point he simply layed back in the snow. His jet black hair streaked in red far offset from the pure white snow. Now he would simply admire the beauty of the sky above letting the cool snow cool off his body.
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