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» Nisshokugakure, The Village Hidden in the Solar Eclipse
 Posted: May 25 2016, 12:43 AM
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Daimyo residence: Given the recent arranged marriage between the Daiymo and the Taiyokage. The two live relatively close just behind the kage's office and as such. Their home is just as heavily guarded. However, the Taiyokage spends a great deal of his time away from the residence as to keep the traditon of not sleeping or living in the same house til married. Few know this but he actually sleeps in his office most nights otherwise he is off at some ramen stand eating and conversing ith his people.

Kage Office: Located in the largest building in the village upon a high but flat surface it grants the most vision over the land and village as the Taiyokage keeps an eye over all his villagers; many joke about how the all seeing eye isn't just a rumor but truth be told it is unknown just to what degree the citizen's lives are truly private as the kage's manner can see just about any direction around the village in a 360 degree angle and spy on just about anyone visually.

Academy: Located in a large building by the lake. Students of this village are reqired to be able to master their chakra flow far beyond that of normal great villages due to the majority of being of the hyuga clan. Yet everyone can benefit for chakra flow trainng as it helps many aspects in life; from medics to travel. That is why the shinobi of this village even the younger ones are a handful if under estimated.

Hospital: There are two main hospitals, one for the general public which is provided for the citizens for free then there is the one for emergencies and outsiders who get a more expensive treatement; this hopsital is also where the medical ninja train and the shinobi of the lan come to get healed. Many of the medics here are actually hyuga so they can see and tell what's wrong to a higher degree; however. As the nation is still new few know of just how excelled the hospitals are here but word is quickly spreading.

Training Grounds: Located as part of the academy as well in various locations around and near the lake. The training ground is a perfect place for a shinobi to hone his skills. Whether it be against another or alone. The natural peaceful nature of the land helps to keep one focused most of the time.

Shinobi Quarters: Located on the tallest tower off on a hill the shinobi quarters is not only home to the jonin and many hyuga guards who keep an eye out for hteir village for up to 10 kilometers but also the same location where they send out messages and notify otheres to greet traders upon the road or handle issues.

Citizen Housing: There is no set housing district but most houses rest alongside the lake or somewhere aesthetically pleasing. The academy itself is the largest building alongside the lake; which is used for chakra training and cardio; either inside or around it. The homes however that are close usually cost a bit more but house large families and make access to fishing and water sources easier.

Prison location: There is a jail deep within a mountain guarded by some of the more skilled shinobi of the land; the mountain itself towards the east is said to house criminals from all over; including those of nearby countries. This prison is said to start at the tip of the mountain and scale all the way down.

The prisoners here are said to have been forced into labor mining rare gems and gold with their bare hands and chakra. It is rumored that anyone foolish enough to trespass on the land near the prison is thrown in the prison for life; no one knows if anyone from the prison has escaped or been granted the ability to leave.

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