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» Mission Template, How missions are set up.
 Posted: May 22 2016, 04:41 PM
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Here is the template; again only Staff, Kage and Daimyo may create these with the exception of members with the approval of said mission. Please post this template in the forum itself and once approved it will be marked. If it is village exclusive please mark the topic description [village name] only.

Name: What is the name of the mission?
Client: Who is your client?
Rank: What rank is it?
Description: What are the details on the mission; are their checkpoints? Is there possiblity of bandits? Is there a person of interest? Do you have to do several tasks at once if so what are they? How long should it take? This lets the host of the mission know what the hell may happen and what the general idea is behind the event.
Objective: List the end game goal of the mission.
Reward: How much Ryo is awarded. This needs to be reasonable for the difficulty of the mission. Are there any extra rewards for those who excel in the post; an item.Like an extra projectile, some sort of pills or rare metal to make a weapon with unique effect?

Here is an example; it may not be the perfect one but it gets the idea across.
Name: Catch the cat.
Client: Lady Tsubaki
Rank: D
Description: Lady Tsubaki has lost her cat yet again. He has somehow escaped her volumptious hugs and has since gone missing the last few days. There is no real lead on it's whereabouts. However rumors have been spreading they've seen it in the shopping district. Ask around and find out if anyone's seen the cat and find it.
Objective: Catch the cat and return it. Alternate reward if allowed free.
Reward: 1,000 ryo. A cat collar.

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