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Category Name Category Description
Black Market
Only the best and most expensive items will be sold here. Rumor has it surgery might be an option later for upgrades like sharingan.
Consumable Supplies
Here you will be required to buy food and drinks; these will be needed in missions or topics where restaurants aren't available.
Medicine Shop
Here all the restoration items will be found.
Resturants & Stands
Here you will find food sold in restaurants and stands at festivals or in small villages. This is simply to add to immersion. Thus giving you reason to spend some of your coin. If your eating and it wasn't a supply you bought. Better buy something in here.
Shopping District
Any miscellaneous items not set in other categories will be sold here. Mainly items for bases or property. Many player made items may be found here as well. In this area is an Arcade where you can buy tokens and play games.
Weapons and Gear
Here you will be required to buy and or restock on weapons and gear.

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